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Wireless Monitoring Solutions for energy efficiency auditing, HVAC system, cold storage/refrigeration and industrial process applications.


Paragon Robotics wireless data logging systems with remote sensors provide low cost scalable monitoring solutions with a fast wireless installation to monitoring temperature and other measurements at single or multiple locations. Select from a broad range of wireless temperature sensors (Built in sensors for ambient temperature, external temperature probes with thermocouples, thermistors and RTDs for in-situ process measurements) to best fit your applications requirements.
Additional sensors for Humidity, AC Current Clamps/ Power, AC Voltage, CO2, Differential Pressure, Light, Ambient Pressure, Flowmeters/ Pulsecount, Motion/ Proximity and compatibility with any existing instruments voltage/ current outputs can be added for a complete wireless data monitoring system.

System includes our configuration and data display/ recording/ logging software. Our software features a fast one click setup and configuration of any temperature sensor. We also supply integration tools for 3rd party software dashboards or analytics packages at no additional charge. Our HaloCloud cloud service is available for remote access from anywhere to real time sensor data and includes alarm capabilities with notification via email or SMS text. Your temperature measurements and data are accessible at any time and place through your mobile devices, smart phone and/or tablet apps.










System Features

  • Measure, Monitor, Chart, Log and Acquire wireless sensor data.
  • Extended wireless range - Single Gateway covers 30,000 sq ft facility.
  • Gateways connected via Ethernet or optional WIFI to local network router or directly to PC/Server/Laptop/Tablet/Smart Device.
  • Optional SuperGateways Model GW10,  Model GW11, WIFI 802.11 b/g/n and Model GW12 Cellular interface for remote sites.
  • SuperGateways feature interface to BACnet and Modbus networks.
  • Control and Automation capabilities with integration of SC100 Wireless Relays
  • DataRecorder software included to chart, log, monitor all individual sensor data
  • HaloCloud service for access to remote system data and configuration from anywhere.
  • Individual sensor alarm capabilities – Notification by email or text via SMS.
  • Remote PC, Tablet, Smart Phone access to system and data with cloud service.

Configuration & Display Software

Utilize Paragon Robotics configuration and dashboard software to setup and monitor all of your systems sensors.

Configure individual sensor alarms and notifications (text or email messages). Setup logging and alarm check frequencies and all sensor parameters in one software.

DataRecorder software for real tme display, charting and logging of all sensor data. Software compatible with all devices - PC, Laptop, Tablets and smartphones.

All Paragon Robitics software is included at no charge with our systems.

Wireless Sensor Specifications

Scalable System – Expand to hundreds of sensors with single Gateway
Data storage up to 120 Billion data points
Automated one click config and calibration
Low powered sensors: 5-8 year Battery life

Wide Range of available sensors and compatibility with existing instrumentation


Available Measurements

  • Ambient Temperature and Humidity w/ built in sensor
  • Signal conditioning for External RTD's, Thermocouples, Thermistors
  • External temperature transmitter probes
  • Power Measurement
  • AC Voltage
  • AC Current w/ External CT Clamp
  • Ambient Pressure
  • Diferential Pressure
  • CO2 Monitoring
  • Light / Solar Irradiant
  • Motion / Proximity
  • Water/ Gas Flowmeters (pulse count ouputs)
  • Accelerometers
  • Compatible with any instrumentation with 4-20mA Current/ VDC Voltage outputs


Facility Management

Warehouse/ Materials Storage

Cold Storage Systems

Multiple ambient temperature and humidity wireless sensors placed throughout zones / rooms of a facility logging data over time can track HVAC performance and efficiency. Paragon offers wireless ambient temperature, humidity and occupancy sensors that can maximize HVAC energy efficiency.

With wireless battery operated sensors and a wire free installation, individual sensors can be easily placed or relocated throughout the facility to completely profile the setup of the facilities comfort systems.

Utilize our ambient temperature and humidity wireless sensors to maintain the optimal environment for storing finished products, unfinished and raw materials, process chemicals, build parts and components. Eliminate costly waste and product quality issues with a controlled and monitored storage area.

Combine monitoring system with Paragon Robotics wireless relay control sensor, Model SC100 Wireless Relay/Switch, for system automation and/or local alarming (beacons, horns) capability.



Our In-Situ temperature sensing probes(thermocouples, RTD’s or thermistors) and wireless systems are used in food refrigeration and vaccine storage applications to monitor temperature conditions. Monitor ambient temperature and refrigerator/storage temperatures for efficient operation and insure product quality and longevity.

Eliminate costly product waste and spoilage with our HaloCloud remote monitoring and alarm features with Email or Text notification of refrigerator failure.

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