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New Product Release

Our new line of USB analog input modules are NOW SHIPPING!

The wait is over for those of you looking for a 12 or 16-bit, 16-channel, multifunction USB analog input board.

With speeds up 500kHz, autocalbration, and real-time calibration, these boards also feature our popular USB/104 form factor.

 Prices start under $350USD, check them out here!

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Watchdog Timer Products

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Do you have a software application that is critical to keep running at all times? ACCES’ Watchdog Cards offer excellent protection against CPU malfunctions at a low cost. These products can continuously monitor your critical PC functions (Software and Hardware) and if an error occurs, the card automatically generates outputs that can be used to initiate corrective actions, generate alarms, or reboot your computer.

PCI-WDG-CSM PCI Watchdog Timer with Computer Monitor Functions  
WDG-CSM ISA Watchdog Timer with Computer Monitor Functions  
WDG-SIO ISA Watchdog Timer with One RS422/485 Port  
WDG-2S ISA Watchdog Timer with Computer Monitor Functions and Dual RS422/485 Ports  
P104-WDG-CSMA PC104 Watchdog Timer with light sensor for enclosure security  
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