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MSR255 Datalogger

Robust all-rounder with LCD screen

New: MSR255 datalogger Robust all-rounder with LCD screen Minilogger with a large display. Optionally measures temperature, humidity, pressure, light & 3-axis acceleration/attitude (incl. fast peak). 4 analogue inputs for maximum flexibility. More Information...

   MSR Whitepaper

We have just posted a well written publication dealing with most aspects related to acceleration measurement as it pertains to the MSR Series of Acceleration data loggers.

Well worth taking the time to read this.


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MSR Data Loggers

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MSR Miniature Datalogger




The solution for miniature efficient data logging with high sampling rates and huge memory

  Do you require a high quality data logger to perform a wide range of measuring tasks? MSR Electronics GmbH develops and manufactures mobile, flexible signal acquisition instruments manufactured to the highest quality for applications in the following fields:

• Traffic and transport sector (Logistics)
• Pharmaceuticals industry
• Environmental technologies
• Aviation
• Research and development
• Performance sports
• Engineering
• Medical technology
• Chemicals industry
• Textile industry
• Museums
• Warehouse Monitoring
• Building Services
• Power Supply Industry
• Aerospace
• Military
• Food Industry
• Laboratory Technology


MSR 145

Economical standard solution:

MSR145 with sd and sensors

       MSR 145 Bluetooth 




• Weighs only 18g
• miniaturized
• over 2,000,000 measurement parameters expandable to >1 bn
• humidity
• pressure
• temperature
• acceleration
• light
• position
• 2 or 4 Analog inputs
• 3 LEDs
• firmware update via USB
• Li-Ion battery

More on the MSR 145...

More on the MSR 145WD...

MSR 255

Autonomous LCD datalogger with up to 5 sensors and 4 analogue inputs

255 with sensors

• 4 row LCD matrix display
• 4 individually configurable views
• records temperature, rel. humidity, pressure, light and/or 3-axis acceleration (incl. fast peak)
• 4 analogue inputs for external sensors
• memory capacity for over 2 000 000 measurements
• 2300mAh Li-ion battery
• top-hat rail snapper

More on the MSR 255...



3-axis shock and Vibration logger for long-term measurements up to 6 months for shock. Shorter for Vibration.

MSR165 Datalogger Also suitable for vibration measurements
• measurement frequency up to 1600/s
• acceleration measurements up to ±15g
• memory capacity for over 2,000,000 measurements, expandable using an SD card
• weighs only 69g
• 900mAh Li-ion battery
• additional temperature, humidity, pressure and light together with 4 analogue inputs for third-party sensors
• free software

Everything you need to know about the MSR165 datalogger...


Mini logger with a memory capacity for over 1bn Measurement values & 4 analog inputs

Data Logger MSR160 4 analog inputs for connecting conventional sensors
• Measurement rate up to 1000/s
• Switched power supply
• Saves more than 2m measurement values and with an optional SD card over 1bn measurement values
• Only approx. 80g
• 900mAh lithium ion battery
• USB interface
• Optionally available with temperature, humidity, pressure and attitude sensors

Everything you need to know about the MSR160 datalogger...

MSR 12


Special logger for custom solutions:

msr12 basic unit

• Modular
• chronological synchronization
• up to 20,000,000 measurement
• measurement rate up to 10kHz
• weighs only 180g
• different measurement frequencies
• graphic display
• 2 expansion slots
• NiMH battery

More on the MSR 12...


Low Cost Shock logger designed specifically for Logistics Shock Monitoring of fragile goods in transit.

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