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Wireless Data Logging Systems with complete software suite for real time dashboard display, charting and downloading of sensor measurements.

Paragon Robotics DataRecorder software lets you view and manage all your connected sensors and controls. You can calibrate, log, chart, and manage everything right from a single interface. All logged data can be quickly charted and optionally exported to a file for import into a spreadsheet for further analysis. Paragon's software suite is included at no charge with purchase of any data logging system.

DataRecorder is completely compatibility with all browser enabled devices - PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones and browsers. With HaloCloud service and internet access, you can remotely view data from any sensor worldwide using a single interface.

Expand capabilities of existing BACnet and Modbus building networks by integrating any of Paragon Robotics wireless sensors with one of our SuperGateways. Feed Paragon Robotics sensor data directly into BACnet and Modbus software dashboards and network systems. Our BACnet and Modbus software apps are available at no charge at our applications store.

Complete Software Widgets Overview

Real TIme Display of Sensor Measurement, Wireless Strength and Battery Life

Our DataRecorder software offers a convenient system and sensor dashboard providing real time measurements and diagnostics from all individual sensors. 
Display customized sensor names, connectivity status, measurement value, wireless signal strength and remaining battery life all in one view. Our multiview dashboard also tracks and indicates logging sensors and alarm setpoints.

With HTML5 programming, our display screens conveniently automatically resize to device display for best viewing results on any device - smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. 

For a completely local system or if internet access is not available, all of our software is embedded on each system gateway - simply access local gateway IP for our software widgets.

Chart Sensors and Alarm Settings

Export to File/Spreadsheet for Analysis

Powerful charting and analysis software included with purchase of our systems. Pick and choose any individual or all of the sensors to graph in our charting software to analyze trends and cause/effect relationships between measurements. 

Individual alarm settings are indicated to track and log alarm occurrences with specific time stamps. Zoom in/ Zoom out flexibility in x-y axis to detail time and measurements on individual  measurement points.

Need additional data analysis or require sensor data records and alarm occurrence reporting? Our exporting features are compatible with all spreadsheet formats with data exportation in CSV, TSV or Halo compressed formats.  

All sensor measurements in scientific units with local time stamps for each reading are downloaded from the gateway storage.  Our gateways store up to 120 billion data points across all of the system sensors. 

Remote System Monitoring and Alarm Condition Notifications 

Access system configuration and sensor data from any location with internet enabled devices.

Utilize Tablet and Smart Phone apps to check real time sensor readings and chart logged data.

Individual sensor alarms and notifications via multiple text and/or email messages.

Additional HaloCloud Information

Gateway and Wireless Sensor Hardware

Extended wireless range - Single gateway covers 30,000 sqft facility. Expand system range with additional gateways.

Gateways connected via Ethernet or WIFI to local network router or directly to PC/Server/ Tablet/ Smartphone/device.

Scalable system - Expand to hundreds of sensors attached to a single gateway.

Battery operated wireless sensors with 5-7 year life expectancy.

Sensor measurements - Temperature, Humidity, AC Voltage, AC Current, Differential Pressure, Ambient Pressure, CO2, Flowmeters (Pulsecount), Thermistors, Thermocouples, RTDs, 4-20mA/ VDC Instrumentation and many other transducers.

Complete Gateway, Sensor and Control Products


Modbus Sensor App

BacNET Sensor App

Demo Systems Available

Paragon Robotics fully supportsModbus/TCP with our entire line of wireless sensors and controls. To utilize Modbus/TCP with your Halo/S equipment, a SuperGateway must be used with the system. Our Modbus Server app can then be loaded onto the SuperGateway in order to provide translation between our Halo/S equipment and an external Modbus/TCP network. Map individual sensor measurements into your Modbus network with ease.

Modbus App

Our BACnet/IP app provides translation between our Halo/S equipment and an externalBACnet/IP network.  With a SuperGateway and our BACnet app installed, map each sensor or control unit that you wish to interface with an external BACnet/IP network. Our software app provides all necessary network parameters to provide network access and translate sensor measurements and data.  

BACnet App

No Risk System Evaluation Program is available. Try any of Paragon Robotics wireless sensors and gateways for up to 30 days - We guarantee you will be impressed with our systems and sensors or will refund your purchase.

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