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Ethernet-to-Remote RS-422 Serial Interface

FEATURES Specifications
  • Adds a network-enabled RS-422 DB-9 serial port to any Ethernet network
  • Makes serial devices available to multiple users
  • Serial port easily configurable as Com 1 through Com 255
  • Includes ACCES eNet Manager software for easy installation and use
  • Makes one PC capable of managing hundreds of serial ports, even remotely
  • Eliminates using costly PCs as dedicated serial device servers
Extend serial connections across any distance, including the internet, or access and control serial ports across a network as easily as if they were inside the PC right beside you. By assigning TCP port and IP addresses to serial ports, the ACCES eNET-422-1 unit makes it possible for a single PC to control many serial devices, or for many PCs to control a single serial device.
Ideal for POS systems, security systems, industrial automation, building automation, or any application using RS-422 devices, the unit provides a serial port that is network-enabled and simple to install, configure, and control. Any serial device can send its information to an Ether-Serial Link, which then places that information on the Ethernet.
The serial port of the unit looks and acts precisely like it is built into your computer: it appears right alongside other serial ports in Windows' Device Manager.

Simple Installation

The software behind the eNET-422-1 makes installation effortless. The eNET Manager makes the serial ports appear as native COM ports, which enables a variety of operating systems and applications on the PC to perceive those ports as internal, regardless of their actual distance. This makes it possible to find, connect and configure an eNET-422-1 device anywhere on a network segment in minutes.

Configuration Flexibility

Changing the serial port settings or uploading new firmware is possible through a browser-based interface, Telnet interface or the ACCES eNET Manager.

Reliable DHCP Connectivity

This device does not lose connection wth the client PC when the IP address of its remote port is changed (typically by reassignment by a DHCP server). The sophisticated port binding technology can also associate a remote serial port with a MAC address or a user-specified name. Reliable connections are maintained between client stations and the eNET's remote ports, eliminating the need to manually update IP addresses for remote devices no matter where they are located.

Access and control a serial device across the Internet

The power of serial networking really shows when it is used to tap the infrastructure of the Internet or a company intranet. In this application, the eNET-422-1 device is configured with both IP and gateway addresses and becomes available anywhere the Internet reaches.


  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Factory Automation
  • Data Collection
  • Industrial Automation
  • Building Automation
  • Security Systems
  • Health Care
  • Logistics connectivity
Serial Port Mode Description
Driver (default) Serial port is enumerated on the host computer as a local COM port. Software on the PC can access the ports as normal COM ports.
Applications: General serial port access from software running on a PC.
Raw Server Raw TCP connection to a port. The physical port on the unit becomes a network resource with an IP address and port number.
Applications: Remote monitoring, security systems.
Raw Client Raw TCP connection to an ESL port. The physical port on the ESL is configured to connect to a pre-defined IP address and port number.
Applications: Remote device control, remote polled monitoring.
Data Connect Combines Raw Clinet and Raw Server modes. The ESL will either initiate a TCP connection when activity is detected at the serial port, or it will receive TCP packetized serial data from the network port when an outside client connects to it.
Applications: Provides a serial-to-serial communication link; can extend serial cables with an Ethernet connection.
RFC 2217 ESL port sends port configuration commands and serial data to the ESL using RFC 2217 framework for serial port control over Telnet.
Applications: UNIX systems and other platforms that have RFC 2217 Telnet capability can access and control the ESL's serial port.
Ethernet Modem Provides a standard "AT" command interface for communicating with devices over Ethernet, as well as control commands for the ESL. An ESL can 'dial' an IP address and TCP port; incoming TCP connections are handled under AT command set rules.
Applications: Remote console management, POS modem replacement.
RAS Server The serial port of the RAS client device is attached to the serial port of the ESL. A user-configured IP address is assigned to RAS client.
Applications: Windows CE embedded systems, Pal type units, or other portable data acquisition devices that may need access to a TCP/IP-Ethernet environment, and have PPP capability but do not have an Ethernet port.


All ACCES eNET-422 devices have:
  • Powerful serial port operating modes
  • 10 Base-T Ethernet interface (RJ-45)
  • DCHP/manual IP address configuration
  • Intuitive installation and configuration
  • Auto-detection of eNET-422 devices using ACCES eNET Manager software
  • Full-througput on non-blocking serial ports
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • DIN rail mounting option
  • Compact design
  • Power supply included
  • Software included


  • Requirements:
    • Client: Ethernet Interface
    • Win 98/NT4/2K/XP/2K3; Linux; QNX
  • Ports/Connectors:
    • DB-9 Serial Port
      • Supports 115.2 kbps throughput rate
      • Easily configurable as Com 1 through Com 255
    • RJ-45 Ethernet Port
  • Shipping Weight - 13.7 oz (includes power supply)
  • Compact size - 1.5" x 4" x 5" (38mm x 97mm x 130 mm)
  • Power Supply - 9-29 VDC (included)
  • DIN Rail Mounting Option
  • Supports IP, HTTP, ICMP, TCP, UDP
Part Number Price(USD)
ENET-422-1 please call for suitable replacement

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