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Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Our wireless temperature monitoring systems provide unmatched functionality, flexibility, and value for any application. Our systems provide industry-leading monitoring features, while also seamlessly incorporating advanced wireless temperature logging and control capability on the same wireless system.

With a 5-10 year battery life on all wireless sensors, you can quickly install your temperature monitoring system and start it running hassle-free for a decade
halos network

Ambient temperature with built-in sensor

For applications requiring ambient temperature monitoring, the battery operated Model SC11 wireless temperature sensor with built-in thermistor can be easily integrated and placed anywhere in the facility. For temperature and humidity monitoring requirements, the Model SC12 wireless temperature and humidity sensor includes an additional built-in humidity sensor. Both sensors can be used to maintain occupant comfort, HVAC performance or suitable conditions for product storage in office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, greenhouses, museums and other facilities.
Wireless ambient temperature with built-in sensors

In-situ and surface temperature with external probes

For temperature monitoring in freezer, refrigeration, oven and furnace environments, Paragon offers wireless sensors compatible with external temperature probes utilizing thermocouples, RTD’s or thermistors for in-situ measurements. With a ruggedized temperature probe placed in the harsh environment, our wireless temperature transmitters are located safely outside the freezer/cooler/oven/furnace and able to communicate longer distances to the system gateway(s).

Depending upon your application and temperature ranges, anexternal temperature probe can be selected to meet your accuracy and construction material requirements. Our external temperature probe systems are compatible with any off the shelf thermocouples, thermistors or RTDs. For hospitals and laboratories, Paragon offers specialty probes with glycol buffer kits to slow temperature response times and eliminate false alarms in vaccine freezer and refrigeration applications.
Wireless temperature with external temperature probes

We offer the industry's largest range of wireless temperature sensors, allowing measurement of any temperature from -200°C to 1700°C. The popular SC12 wireless temperature sensor provides ambient temperature and humidity readings, while ourRTD, thermocouple, and thermistor modelsuse temperature probes to measure temperatures of any liquid, gas, or surface temperature application.

Easy dashboard interface

data recorder Quickly setup and customize your wireless temperature monitoring system using an intuitive dashboard interface with the DataRecorder software widget. All software is browser-based, so it runs on any any type of device or operating system.

Email, text message, or local alarms

Simple configuration of temperature alarm setpoints and conditions with notifications by email and/or text message. Fast programming of multiple alarms and notifications for all individual wireless temperature sensors. Each individual sensor checks for the alarm condition at a programmable check frequency on the hardware. Customize alarm notification messages and store time stamped alarm annotations for auditing and/or reporting requirements.

Access on any device, PC or mobile

With browser-based HTML5 programming, all of our software is mobile friendly and resizes perfectly to provide dashboard displays and charts on PCs, smartphones, iPhones/ iPads, Android devices and tablets. Press an app button and immediately view your wireless temperature data.

Store 120 billion data points

Store decades of temperature sensor data with practically unlimited space. Your temperature monitoring data is stored right on your hardware and kept completely private. Export data directly into spreadsheets for further analysis and reporting or utilize DataAnalyzer software widget for charting and analytics

Free cloud access

paragon halo cloud Our HaloCloud service can be used to have full access to your wireless temperature monitoring system anywhere in the world. For systems with less then seven (7) wireless Model SC sensors, our cloud service is included free with system purchase. Our unique double encryption security keeps your data completely private.

Expansion potential

In addition to a complete line of wireless temperature sensors, our product line includes a wide range of additional wireless sensors which can expand the wireless temperature monitoring system. The system is also compatible with anyexternal sensors or existing instrumentation with VDC or mA outputs.
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Differential Pressure
  • Flowmeters
  • Occupancy
  • True Power usage
  • Door position
  • Light levels
  • Others
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