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Temperature Sensor

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Temperature Monitoring for Mission-Critical Applications

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Today's monitoring technology can help keep organizations informed about climate conditions in mission-critical environments. Easy-to-install remote temperature sensors from ITWatchDogs provide real-time oversight for data centers, telecom sites, research labs, healthcare facilities, cold storage areas and more. A completely self-contained solution requiring no software or external services, these sensors offer 24/7 monitoring, alerting, data logging and reporting.

Automated alerts
Maintaining strict environmental controls is essential to preserving perishable inventories, maintaining IT equipment uptime and meeting industry standards in a variety of settings. Organizations need to know when critical thresholds are breached so they can respond as quickly as possible.

ITWatchDogs sensors address this need with customizable alerts via SNMP, email, text message and voice calling. With programmable high/low values and multiple thresholds per sensor, it's possible to trigger escalating alarms and plan for a variety of scenarios.

Intuitive reporting
Sensor data is accessible via a graphical, browser-based web reporting interface, making it possible to access an overview of real time information from anywhere at any time. Scheduled email notifications can also provide regular updates.

In today's data-driven world, sensor measurements offer a valuable resource for efficiency planning and capacity management. ITWatchDogs sensors can export logs in XML or CSV file formats for enhanced tracking and analysis.

Low cost of ownership, guaranteed quality
Installing ITWatchDogs temperature sensors is a one-time cost. Firmware upgrades and technical support are available free of charge to all users for life, and there are no monthly maintenance fees. All technical support is handled by the same engineers and programmers that develop and maintain our products, so proper support is guaranteed.

Quality and reliability are standard in every aspect of business at ITWatchDogs. Each product shipped is 100 percent tested for functionality and visual defects prior to packaging. Monitoring temperature and other environmental conditions has never been easier or more reliable than with the products in the WatchDog Series and Goose Series sensor lines.

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