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Pico - 2200B Series
  • 2 Channel, 4 Channel and MSO Models
  • 100 MHz Bandwidth
  • Up to 128 Mega Buffer memory
  • Decode 15 serial protocols as standard
  • USB Connected and Powered
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Function Generator and AWG
  • 6 Instruments in one
  • Windows, Linux and MAC Software
5 Year Warranty

Terms and condition for Five Year Warranty.
Warranty provided in North America by Interworld (No international shipping charges incurred). 

This warranty applies to certain scopes and is effective from Oct 1, 2009. All Automotive scopes have a two year warranty.

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Attention all
Automotive Scope Users

Pico Automotive Scope software now sports a new Waveform Library browser.
Must own PicoScope to view.
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Temperature & Humidity Converters Converts PC to Oscilloscope (1435 bytes)

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  These units simply plug into the serial port (or USB in the case of the USB Units) of your PC (no power required) allowing you to measure temperature or humidity. The TH-03 uses precision resistive sensors, the TC-08 uses thermocouples, the PT-104 uses PT100 or PT1000 sensors, whilst the RH-02 has built in sensors for humidity and temperature.

They offer a very simple, accurate and cost effective way to monitor and record temperature and humidity on your PC using the supplied PicoLog software. For users who wish to write their own software, drivers and examples are included.

Interested in more technical information on thermocouples, go to this application note - Thermocouples

Product Channels Sensor Description
TC-08-USB 8 Thermocouple Thermocouple to PC utilizing USB Port
TC-08 8 Thermocouple Thermocouple to PC interface
TH-03 3 Thermistor High precision thermistor to PC interface
RH-02 2 Internal High precision humidity and temperature measurement.
PT-104 4 PT100 High resolution, high accuracy PT100 sensor to PC interface
2 Probe-Internal Humidiprobe - Temperature and Humidity - USB
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