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Model Description Price USD
TEK-2215 Tek 2215 Dual Trace Oscilloscope 60 Mhz Bandwidth $290.00
BK SCOPE 2120 BK 2120B 30 MHz 2-Trace Scope w/Probes  $200.00
HAMEG 205 20mhz digital oscilloscope with x1/10 probes  $150.00
HAMEG 208 60mhz digital oscilloscope with x1/10 probes  $250.00
HP 3310B Function Generator  $200.00
NICOLET 2090/206-2 Digital Scope with 5 1/4" Floppy Storage   SOLD
IE HP 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter, 500 MHz to 18 GHz  SOLD
AD 3522 FFT ANALYZER  Spectrum Analyser great for Audio and Vibration Work.(Specifications - PDF 1.5m PDF)  $950.00


Interworld no longer represents ICP and hence we are clearing out our remaining inventory at prices way below our cost. All these products are brand new and in their original packaging. All prices are in US dollars FOB our warehouse in Point Roberts, WA.

ICP Clearance Items



Price USD

PIO-D24 PCI Bus 24-bit OPTO-22 DIO Board $  59.12
PIO-D48 PCI Bus 48-bit OPTO-22 Compatible DIO Board


PIO-DA8 14-bit D/A 8 Channel Analog Output Board $250.45
PISO-813 32 Channel Single-Ended Isolated Analog Input Board $160.08
PCI-1002L 110KS/s Low Gain 12 Bit  A/D I/O Board SOLD
PCI-1002H 110KS/s High Gain 12 Bit  A/D I/O Board $200.85
PCI-TMC12A 12 Channel Timer / Counter Board $225.25
PICO Clearance Items
Model Description Price USD
ADC-200/50 Dual Channel Scope, 8 bit, 50 MS/s  (1 on Hand) $600.00
ADC-200/100 Dual Channel Scope, 8 bit, 100 MS/s (1 on Hand) $700.00
3205-KIT-PP374 3205 Kit, c/w scope 2 - X1/X10 Probes software USB Cable and Carrying Case (US PS) (List Price $1001.00) $750.00
3205-PP262 3205 Scope c/w Picoscope 6.0, USB Interface cable and User Manaual (List $988) $765.00
3206-KIT-PP375 3206 Kit, c/w scope 2 - X1/X10 Probes software USB Cable and Carrying Case (US PS) (List Price $1331.00) SOLD
ADC-212/100 ADC-212/100 High Resolution Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyser 12 bits, 100 MS/s parallel, dual channel (0 on Hand) - Use with Parallel   SOLD
Thermocouple Data Logger with Picolog Software - Demo (List $498)  (2 on Hand) $215.00
HumidiProbe-PP299 Temperature and Humidity Hand Held Logger (Used for 2 months)
Demo - 90 day warranty (List Price $275.00)
Environmon PP075    
More Pico Clearance Items at this link......
GTCO & Summagraphics Digitizer Clearance items (Call 1-877-902-2979 to order)
Model Description Price USD
SL2-2436 24" x 36" Super L II, Used, complete system with 16 Button cursor, power supply and RS-232 Interface Cable (USB option available at $45.00 extra)   $600.00
SGVI-2436 24" x 36" Summagrid VI 0.01" Accuracy tablet, used only for a few months - Demo $1,000.00
SGVII-3648 36" x 48" Summagrid VII 0.01" Accuracy, new tablet full warranty SOLD
RUD3-3036 30" x 36" Roll Up II, Demo in Good Condition Complete system with either Pen or 4 Button or 16 Button Cursor (90 day Warranty) serial & USB - New Price $2,225.00 $1,200.00
DP5-43R4 4 Button Cursor for Super L - 16 Pin D Shell Connector $   270.00
SS1-4BDC 4 Button cursor for Summasketch I (List Price $195) $   100.00
SS3-I/O Cable Summasketch III I/O Cable (List Price $95.00) $     75.00
ADVANTECH Data Acquisition Products (All new product - Discontinued inventory)
Model Description

Price USD

PCL-725 8ch Relay & 8ch Isolated DI Card $98.80
PCLD-774 Analog Expansion Board $75.00
PCL-789 Amplifier & Multiplexer Board (CE) $280.00
PCD-897 ISA BUS SSD Card - bare SOLD
PCA-6103 ISA 3 Slot Bus Expansion - Passive Backplane SOLD
ADAM-4011 Adam Analog Input Module (List price $135 - New Unit) $100.00
PCA-6121 CPU Card, 80286 with 0k memory $50.00
IPC-6006 6 Slot Full Size Card Cage - ISA $75.00
QUATECH Communication Products
Model Description

Price USD

PCD-U External USB to PCMIA/Smart Media drive unit


Gemini TinyTag Data Loggers  
Model Description Price USD
TGP-4500 Internal Temperature and Humidity (-25 Deg c - 85 Deg C, 0 - 100% RH) - Demo Model - RH may not be 100% accurate $165.00
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